Boyles Law Lab

Chemistry I



Determination of the proportional relationship between gas volume and gas pressure



Assuming a fixed quantity of a gas at a constant temperature, a decrease in the volume should result in…..



Keeping temperature and number of moles of gas constant.

Vary the volume of air in a closed container and measure the resulting pressure.


Pressure (atm)              Volume (mL)                  1/Volume                       pressure x volume



































GRAPHS   (Help)

Attach Graph:               Graph 1 = pressure vs. volume  

                                    Graph 2 = pressure vs. 1/volume 



One of the graphs will plot a curve, the other will plot a straight line.

Using the straight line graph and the slope intercept from (Y = mX + b), derive an equation relating pressure and volume. This equation is Boyles Law. (Help)


Boyle’s Law Equation:




Slope of Graph Line (m)




The slope of straight graph line is a ______________________________


How does the slope of your graph compare to the values of Pressure x Volume determined from your data? (Help)


Describe the proportional relationship between pressure and volume.