Prelab Help

2.       NH4+ →H+ and what ?

3a.     For the Lewis structure the N is in the center and you will have 7 pairs of electrons to work with. All single bonds with one pair of lone pair.

b. File:Hydroxylammonium-chloride-2D.pngthis is the structural formula with the chloride ion attached . Draw the Lewis structure just for the hydroxyl ammonium ion only. Remember what the positive will do to the number of valence electrons. 

c. NH3OH+ + H2O → name the products

4.       Just by looking at the equation of problem 2 you can tell what is being produced to determine its acidity. Remember that Cl- is a weak ion and remains a spectator and does not get involved. Therefore NH4+ is the major species.  Problem #4 on the other hand is producing what, to determine if its acidic or basic. Again the Cl- ion does not get involved.


5a.      The reaction is

          CaCl2  +  NaCO3  → 2NaCl and CaCO3

          Using the molarity equation calculate the moles needed of sodium carbonate than the volume of calcium carbonate.


b.       The reaction is

          2HCl  +  CaCO3    Ca(HCO3)2 + Cl2